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by Alex W. duPREL

The absolute Tahiti Bestseller
(6th printing in Tahiti !)

Reviews about Alex W Du PREL:
- The "true" Polynesia.... - "Here is the glance, the writing, the sincerity, the smoothness, tenderness that is so much lacking in other "Polynesian "writings... - "... Du PREL adds the dimension which is always missing." (La Depeche de Tahiti")
- Du Prel is the best-seller of Tahiti ... a storyteller of the South Seas... Du Prel is a sharp obserbver, but does not cheat." Auguste Fardin, (Les Nouvelles de Tahiti").
- A remarkable storyteller, Du Prel touches the deep roots of the Polynesian soul... - "Absolutely remarkable... only one word : read !
George Madarasz,(La Depeche de Tahiti")

- Fascinating to the last line... " "Blick", Frankfurt

- Du Prel can captivate with humour and perspicacity to pass his message..." Daniel Noll, (Züricher Zeitung)

- It is so true that it cannot be invented... - Du PREL is one of the rare authors to have understood the Polynesian heart... - A delight for everyone.
Louise Peltzer, (Tahiti-Pacifique magazine).

This books holds a short story relating Marlon Brando and his atoll of Tetiaroa.

Keywords : South Sea lore, Tahiti, adventure, Polynesia, Tuamotu, Wahine, vahine

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